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Don’t Forget Your Vehicle when it Comes to Spring Cleaning

Taking out your car for a drive after the winter season can be a little messy because of the weather condition and during spring we feel the need to take the car for a ride as the weather warms up. However, it is important you clean out your car from the winter mess to get it ready for spring; the following are tips on how to clean out your car in readiness for spring.

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Organize and Clean-out

During winter, you may have loaded your car with extra jackets, gloves and head gear for emergency reasons. Therefore, spring time is a suitable time to take them all out because they are no longer needed and also, the perfect time to arrange the car compartments which were disorganized in a bid to leave your car in a hurry on most days during winter.

Clean car exterior

You cannot imagine yourself driving off on a new spring dawn with a car that has gone through the harshness of the winter season; you need to clean off the exterior part of the car either with a damp cloth or lather made with water and mild detergent. Use a lint-free towel to wipe off dirt from all surfaces of the car.

Carpets and car seats

The carpets and seats should be of utmost priority, they must have experienced little droplets of water and/or snow from stepping into the car with wet footwear that has possibly left stench in the car. It is important you sweep out the carpets and give it a good scrub, dust the seats with dry or damp clothes depending on the type of seat material, or you simply take your car down to a professional car-wash to give the interior a super-clean look.


Clean out windows which must have been stained by wetness from the winter season. It is recommended that you either clean with a clean towel and water or you apply glass spray and wipe with a clean towel, concentrating on the tiny corners of the window to take out snow debris.

Nonetheless, if you prefer a professional spring cleaning crew to handle this for your car, call on us at 300 Great Neck Road, Great Neck, NY 11021. We are the NYC Motorcars of Great Neck and we are also available on phone: 516-570-9800.