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Differences Between a Subcompact, Compact, Midsize & Large Vehicles

Shopping for used cars in the auto market comes with various points on the list to check out and it is a mix of different aspects that matter to you as the end-user just the same way you look out for different specifications (aka specs) when shopping for a new smartphone, laptop or other gadgets.

For cars, these specs are:

  • Safety
  • Technology
  • Style
  • Comfort
  • Size
  • Let’s talk about size. The size makes the most obvious quantifiable difference in the used car you end up buying. And there are different sizes of vehicles available in the auto market: subcompact, compact, midsize, large.

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    Differences Between the 4 Sizes


    Subcompact vehicles pack unbelievable execution in its small frame – “good things come in small packages”! To top this, it maximizes fuel because of its relatively small size. It mostly boasts of a small internal space for passengers as well as the individual behind the wheel.

    Example: The 2019 Ford Fiesta.


    Compact vehicles are a bit of step up from “the subcompact”. Just a little bigger in size than the aforementioned vehicle size, it has much more internal seating space for passengers, more space storage for cargoes and four doors in its frame.

    Example: The Honda Civic.


    Midsize vehicles are the in-between when you line up a compact vehicle and a large-sized vehicle anywhere on earth. Four doors as well but more space than the compact and less space (for seating plus cargo) than large vehicles.

    Example: The Subaru Legacy.


    Large vehicles are the biggest. Their interiors contain the most seating space for passengers and a definite huge cargo space that can take almost twice as much as the baggage a subcompact can carry in its trunk space.

    Example: The Mercedes-Benz S-Class sedan.

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