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Best Used Cars to Buy in 2020

We know that buying a used car can be a daunting prospect. While new cars have loads and loads of articles written about them, it is more difficult to get information about used cars. In fact, you have to sift through more information about buying a used car than you do buying a new car. If you are stressed about buying a used car, don’t worry. We’ve broken down a list of the best used cars you can buy for 2020.

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Best Used SUV: The Toyota 4Runner

We know that the 4Runner lacks imagination, and the car maker really hasn’t altered the design in over 10 years. However, the company hasn’t had to alter its design because they got it right to begin with. The 4Runner is legendary for its reliability and durability. The SUV gets great gas mileage, has a well-appointed interior, and needs very little upkeep. If you have never had a Toyota SUV, you’re in for a treat with this one.

Best Used Compact Car: The Honda Civic

The Civic remains the bestseller in the compact car category, and it’s not hard to see why. When Honda began making the Civic, they were boxy and uninspired. However, Honda has really stepped up its game with its latest models. The Civic looks sleek and trim, even sporty. While it looks great, the Civic also gets great gas mileage, and has one of the best durability ratios in the industry. In fact, many Civics can stay on the road well past 200,000 miles, which means that you may be able to drive this one for a long time.

Best Used Truck: Toyota Tacoma

The Toyota Tacoma is a very popular mid-sized truck since the company began making them in 1995. In fact, most of the Tacoma’s built in 1995 are still being driven, which is a remarkable achievement. If you are looking for a truck for general work that will last a long time, this is one of the best choices you could make.

Best Family Minivan that Doesn’t Drive Like a Minivan: Toyota Sienna

The Sienna is the only minivan in the market that has all-wheel drive, which means if you need to haul a bunch of Cub Scouts camping, this van will do the trick. It has all of Toyota’s reliability and dependability, as well as great safety and tech features. People who aren’t fans of the minivan love this model, and we understand why. It’s the most unminivanlike minivan.

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